Manoa Valley & The Ridges

Welcome to Manoa Valley & The Ridges

The lush Mānoa valley sits at the base of the Ko’olau Mountain Range and is grounded by the University of Hawaii, and two of the States most prominent private K – 12 schools; Punahou School and Mid-Pacific Institute. Located a short 10-minute drive from both downtown and Waikiki, many homeowners also choose Mānoa for its convenient locations and back-to-nature tropical rainforest feeling. Seeing rainbows in the valley is a near daily occurrence, and one of the many reasons Mānoa has been considered a top neighborhood on Oahu for decades.

My grandfather, who worked most of his life in Honolulu real estate used to tell me that “if you can’t be on the waterfront, then live on a ridge, overlooking the ocean.” For decades, homeowners have gravitated to the ridges behind Honolulu to take advantage of the jaw-dropping panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and cooling tropical breezes that increase as you climb up the hillsides - - I still this this strategy rings true today, our trade.

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As an investor myself, I have seen real estate prove to be a lucrative investment choice – and with clear understanding and collaborative strategy, nowhere is this more demonstratively promising than in Hawaii.

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