Pack Your Bags — this New Ward Village Listing is Move-in Ready!

Located on the 29th floor of AE’O, Ward Village’s new condominium designed by the award-winning architecture firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, this turnkey 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home is unlike anything on the market in Honolulu. In the words of the architecture team behind the project, which is anchored by Whole Foods Market, and reinforced by the refined amenities and a clean, well-crafted design, “Ae’o advocates for a less complicated, nurturing lifestyle.”

To take this statement one step further, the owner of unit #2901 assembled a design team of his own to transform the home into a one-of-a-kind urban artist escape. Interior designer Holly Boling Ruiz of Philpott Interiors said their goal for the design was to create a “dynamic, forward thinking and kinetic” experience. To do this, she collaborated with local fine art consultant Kelly Sueda to procure an art collection that would be included in the sale of the home. Having proven themselves through their last collaboration for this savvy real estate investor client, this time around, the creative duo had free rein to design a masterpiece.

Working to upgrade the home wisely, the first thing the design team did was to upgrade the flooring throughout the condo to bring a more unified look to the spaces. Bathroom mirrors were upgraded as were several of the light fixtures. Designer light fixtures were also added through the home, including a large living room light fixture that reads more like a piece of art or something garnered from a movie set. “Everywhere there’s the look of an art studio-like space – a place for experimentation,” added Ruiz.

To curate an art collection to pair with Ruiz’s design, art consultant Kelly Sueda sourced original hand prints by renowned global artists including Murakami, Connor Brothers, Don Ed Hardy, Gary Simmons, and Anges Martin to adorn the home. He also selected a few original works including Saint Khewhok paintings on small wooden spoons. According to Sueda, the design team had put together a fun yet sophisticated pallet for the home, and they wanted to bring in something that felt different and unexpected for this unit.

The daring addition of hand-painted graffiti by Jasper Wong, local artist and founder of Pow Wow artist, in the living room gave the entire place a sassy attitude that reflected the vitality of the Ward area bellow. “With the homes incredible views of the Kakaako area and the colors and vibrancy brought on by the incredible street art in the area, I felt that Jasper Wong was the perfect artist to tie this unit together,” described Sueda. “Being able to sit in the living room and experience the mural up close and then span across to the city below and see its inspiration, it is truly unique,” added Sueda.

Kelly used Wong’s wall mural to help set the tone for the rest of the artwork for the home. From a pop of color by Murakami to greet you at the door to the minimalist work of Agnes Martin in the master bedroom, he worked to build surprises at every turn. “This was an incredible project to work on, it’s rare to get a chance to really take risks and create something absolutely special,” added Sudea.

For a video tour of this unique urban escape its expansive art collection visit – click here.

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